Uncover the hidden opportunities you can gain with smart competency management.


The Competency Tracker is an online competency management kernel, based on a secure software core, that can be easily adapted to suit procedures and tools of your company.

Summing up industry best practices, simple to use and configure, it allows to quickly set up and launch competency management projects in organizations of any size.

The Competency Tracker will help you identify, measure, manage and showcase the competencies available in your organization.


Fitting your business needs

EnginSoft will assist your company from the very beginning, all the way to the full adoption of our advanced competency management system. EnginSoft will support you by providing experience, guidance on the integration of the Competency Tracker within your organization, and customizations - built upon the core in order to create your ideal platform - such as:

  Custom interface to connect to existing company procedures and software

  Highly secure environment adjusted to suit different user levels

  Tailored report generator - unique reports based on company values

  What if analysis – based on projects needs, turnover scenarios

  Access personalized to organizational preferences (Internet browser, company intranet, mobile devices…)

  Advanced and modular database access



Easily define relevant competencies and share them across your organization. Based on proven methodologies, the Competency Tracker helps you creating and enforcing your Competency Management process. Focus on what makes your business great and let the Tracker do the rest for you.


Use the Tracker advanced reporting features to monitor the level of training, qualification and experience of each employee. Identify key technical resources and talents. Ensure companywide training compliance and maintain excellence.


Enhance strategy formulation, define competency roadmaps and improve staff development planning. Increase projects quality, efficiency and reduce risk by assuring the right team is at task. Advance recruitment and succession planning.


Let the Tracker help you valorize corporate competencies to prospects and customers. Link work force strengths to industry needs: win projects by showcasing the pool of company skills and experiences. Clearly demonstrate compliance to regulatory requirements and technical codes of practice.

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SAAS free


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Paidup Custom

Accessible through internet browser

Compatible with mobile devices

HTTPS secure access

User accounts

Max 5

Unlimited (see pricing)

Unlimited (see pricing)



Online support

Cloud based



Automatic backup & restore



New releases

Installation & configuration support




Advanced support


Data privacy

Nondisclosure Agreement

Separated, segregated environment

Customizable competence database / build your database on company needs

Data export guarantee

Competence libraries on demand



Flexible SLA



Dedicated, managed cloud server





Customization to fit your company needs



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